Isbreen the Glacier

Food & Dining

Local cuisine, flavours and products

We want to put a focus on local cuisine, flavours and products, and will strive to have in season fresh food prepared daily. You will get to try food made from different kinds of local raw material such as fish, reindeer and sheep amongst others.

Breakfast will be served as a buffet in the dining room, the content will vary from season to season depending on which products are in season at that given time.

You can get a lunchbox for 75,- but this has to be ordered one day in advance since we are baking fresh bread every day. If you would like a hot meal for lunch, this has to be ordered in advance for an extra fee.

Dinner will be served as a 3-course meal in the dining room. We will focus on giving you a true taste of the local flavours each day.

Beverages: Water, juice, milk and hot non-alcoholic drinks are all included in the package you have bought. Sodas, soft drinks, sparkling water, and alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase.

Alcohol: We offer a small selection of beers, wines, liquors and spirits. Ask one of the staff for recommendations.

If we can, we also cater to people who are not guests at The Glacier. Please send us an email to check availability for dining.


We change our menus twice a year, usually arround October and April.