Isbreen the Glacier

The Service Building

Everything you need next to your igloo

You’ll find the service building just next to our igloos. A beautiful cabin built in Siberian Larch, strategically placed to give you the best views of the landscape and privacy from the surrounding settlements. The cabin has two bathrooms, sauna, hot tub, dining room/meeting room, a staff kitchen and storage. All our guests have free access to all the facilities in the service building during their stay. The building has free high-speed WIFI.

This is where you will find the bathrooms for the Igloos Huldrestein and Skalsatind, these are modern and luxurious bathrooms with everything you need.

The sauna has been fitted with under lit, heat treated aspen benches, a beautiful sauna oven, and a floor to ceiling window facing the stunning Jøkelfjord.

On a terrace outside of the building you will find a modern wooden hot tub, just next to the sea. The tub has a cleansing system and circulation pump to ensure that it is always clean and warm water inside.

The dining room is the only room in the building with a full ceiling, making it almost 4m from floor to ceiling, the entire façade towards the fjord is covered by a massive window, letting all the lights and beautiful scenery inn.
The room is fitted with a long table with comfortable chairs for up to 8 persons.

The kitchen is reserved for our staff and will be used to prepare your meals. 
The building also contains a small storage room with laundry and a technical hub.

We are allowed to serve alcohol and we have a carefully selcted selection of wine, beer and spirits.